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Michigan Fly Fishing Guides
Cory displays a gorgeous Trout from the White River below Bull Shoals Dam.

Welcome to Arkansas Trout Fishing Guides.   (231) 519-7348 Manistee River Trout Fishing Brown Trout fishing has been outstanding over the last few days! Spring Trout on the White River are starting to fish well near the Tippy Dam. Big Streamers, live minnows, and casting Rapala.

Winter Streamer Season – December through early March: Streamer Season, fishing for the Big trophy Brown. We use 7-8 wt rods with sinking lines. During these months is when we cast big streamers to the banks. If you enjoy seeing Big Browns give chase & eat your streamerwith a vengeance!

Welcome to Arkansas Trout Fishing Guides.   (231) 519-7348 Winter Streamer Season – December through early March: Streamer Season, fishing for the Big trophy Brown. We use 7-8 wt rods with sinking lines. During these months is when we cast big streamers to the banks. If you enjoy seeing Big Browns give chase & eat your streamerwith a vengeance!

Fly Fishing has been doing well. Best pattern for the White have been the Mojo fry pattern, dark knight, Hex nymphs, clown eggs, and Ice Man minnows. Fry patterns have been outfishing clown eggs and egg patterns. Stone flies fishing well on sunny days. Had a fantastic three days with Dr. Steve and Josh. They landed 15 big browns in three days on straight flies with both myself and Jimmy B. We fished mostly the upper river. We should expect to receive good numbers of steelhead and trout over the next few days. Longer day light, Strong full moons, and slightly higher than normal water levels have steelhead on the move. Good number moving up from the lower river.
rippled waters...

There are a variety of nymph flies that imitate the Winter Stonefly.
Most of these patterns are simple, from a hare's ear nymph or pheasant-tail nymph colored dark brown or black with marker, to more involved patterns such as the Egg Sucking Stone, black Viagra caddis, Mojo Dark Knight, Rubber Legged Stone, etc. Remember that these flies should be dead-drifted the same way you'd fish glo-bugs or egg flies, under an indicator or bottom-bounced through holes that look promising. No vigorous stripping is needed with these - keep in mind that while the weather is warmer than usual, the water is a few degrees above freezing. Deep and slow wins the race here - make sure that your flies drift along current breaks and bubble-lines, to ensure that any fish present has time to take a shot at them. Strike back when the strike comes, snub that fish before it can get loose, and then enjoy the music of your reel underscoring the winter sunlight dancing on

Wednesday - Good numbers of Steelhead in the lower river near Muskegon! Chrome fish are beginning to move. Spring Steelhead should enter the river later this week in decent numbers. Longer day light and a surge of snow melt- run off should get things going a bit. Fishing has been good over the last week but Steelhead have become very content to watch your offering go by. Multiple drifts through a know location has been the key to getting hooked up. Chrome Steelhead should greatly improve the bite!

Tuesday - Had a fantastic day with Wally Riker and Marvin! Today was the first day of the spring season that stones flies outfished and out produced all other methods including floats / spawn. There were a lot of stone flies in the water column - We landed quite a few steelhead today while fly fishing. Water levels are slightly up and stained. Perfect levels to bring in some great new chromers from Muskegon Lake.

Michigan Fly Fishing Guides.
In Grand Rapids, Michigan, has provided anglers with the best in Muskegon River Fly Fishing. With an excellent team of professional fly fishing guides, our staff pride themselves in offering the very best in guided Trout & Steelhead fishing, Muskegon lodging and hospitality. Our guides are knowledgeable, courteous and professional.We guide anglers year-around for West Michigan's Steelhead, Salmon Guided Fly Fishing and Float Fishing on West Michigan's Muskegon River Steelhead. We guide anglers year-around on the Big Manistee River, St. Joseph River, Pere Marquette River, White River, Grand River, Rogue River, & Muskegon Rivers.

Winter & Spring Steelhead Dates Available for the Muskegon River.

Unlike the Grand River, White River, and Pere Marquette Rivers, the Muskegon is a tailwater fishery, this means the Muskegon River never freezes! This allows us to guide anglers throughout the winter months for Steelhead and Trout. Float fishing during the Winter is a beautiful time to be on the water with good numbers of Steelhead and lots of wildlife along the rivers banks. We are also now offering Centerpin instructionalsl to learn Center pin float fishing for Steelhead! . (231) 519-7348

Krista with a gorgeous Muskegon River Steelhead.

John with a great looking Manistee River Salmon.

Muskegon River Fall Steelhead on the fly.

Fly Fishing Guides for the Pere Marquette River.  Pere Marquette River Fishing Reports.

Grand River Steelhead during November, Grand River FlyFishing 49505.

Muskegon Steelhead Guides.

Manistee River Report for Steelhead and Salmon.
White River Fishing Reports for Trout.

Detailed flyfishing information for the Muskegon River in Michigan, ... of the river, local lodges, flyshops, fishing reports, weather, hatch charts and current fishing conditions.

Local fishing Conditions on Arkansas River- White River Fishing Report - North Fork River Fly Fishing Reports -
Little Red River Steelhead Reports

White River Hatch Charts - Fly Fishing information for Arkansas Trout & Stripper Fishing.


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Centerpin fishing for Steelhead ~ Floats and spawn has been our technique of choice for covering water. Fly fishing has also been great, keeping up with bait fishing numbers. Citris clown eggs and golden/egg nuke eggs have been fishing well. TroutBeads have also been excellent while fishing behind the salmon. Centerpin Steelhead fishing has been outstanding with the low-clear water levels on the Muskegon and Manistee Rivers. Centerpin float fishing is the best method for a stealty presentation.
Accurate Fishing Report for the Muskegon, Manistee, and Pere Marquette Reports for fly fishing guides. PM River Lodge. Muskegon River Steelhead Report -
Steelhead have been showing up in good numbers on the lower Manistee and Muskegon River.
With the spawning Chinook Salmon, and higher water levels, this should be an outstand fall run. Chrome is on the way. October, November, and December offer the best in fly fishing.
Best Fly Patterns: Citris Clown eggs, Circus Clown, Nuke eggs, apricot, and steelhead orange have produced the most fish. Egg
patterns have been the name of the game.
Michigan Steelhead Flies

Chicago Fly Fishing anglers enjoy good numbers of Michigan Fall Steelhead and Trout. Manistee River Winter Steelhead Fishing Report - The Manistee River recieved a very nice push of fish this morning. We hit a nice pod of chrome steelhead and fishing was quite good most of the day. Floating line & indy rigs was the name of the game. We landed 9 out of the 16 Steelhead that we hooked! Welcome to Fall Steelhead on the Big Manistee River in Michigan!

St. Joseph  Steelhead near Barrien Springs.
Muskegon River fishing Report for Steelhead : We will guiding anglers on the Manistee and Pere Marquette River for Steelhead. There are good numbers of Fall Steelhead on both rivers, especially after the cool rains and cooler tempratures we've had over the past two days. Manistee received over an inch of rain yesterday! Water temperatures on the Muskegon River are at an outstanding 53 degrees which means we are a solid month away from Brown Trout on the Muskegon River. We drive to Manistee each morning to get our clients into numbers of bright chrome Steelhead on the Big Manistee and Pere Marquette Rivers! Grand River Steelhead are also fishing well along with the Rogue River in Rockford. Grand River Steelhead in Grand Rapids, (49505) doing well at Sixth Street.

Chrome Pere Marquette Salmon from the river. Manistee River is also fishing well. 49660
Manistee River Spring Steelhead Report: Steelhead & Lake Browns are just now entering the Big Manistee River near Insta-Launch and Manistee harbor. There are also fair numbers on the Little Manistee below the weir. We have recently hit a few nice pushes of steelhead on the lower Manistee. A strong East wind or Northeast wind to turn over the Lake and get Coho and Skamania moving in a hurry! Cold shoreline water would move salmon in close and heading into the river.

Pere Marquette River Fall Steelhead Report:
Lower PM has been showing a few fish and improving daily. Steve and Steve did quite well on Friday (9/4) going 9 for 16 on crankbaits. Scottville down has had fish moving through but have been difficult to stay with. Walhalla and braids between Reek Rd. and upper Custer should start seeing pushes in the next few days with fish moving into South Branch of the Pere Marquette. Muskegon River Steelhead Fishing Report

Sucker spawn and fry produce vast amounts of Trout forage in late May.
Steelhead Fry & Sucker Spawn

During the day- Large Streamers and fry patterns near the bank. Shaded pockets hold the fish! Sink-tip fly lines have been the key for Muskegon River Trout and Steelhead.

Nymphing with sucker spawn patterns and small nymphs has also been producing numbers Trout on the Muskegon River.

Dry flies & Drake spinners in the evenings. Some of the best hatches occur as the sun drops below the tree line with low light.

May & June are the the time for Dry fly fishing with the Gray Drake Spinners.

(Gray Drakes are a mid-sized may fly with smoke clear wings, a thin variegated body, and a white ring around the eyes.) Most spinner falls occur just be for dark.

Drakes also always spinner fall on a riffle or fast current. Muskegon's most overlooked hatch, typically found in the middle to lower sections of the river. Thornapple - Henning Park.

Gray Drake Spinner patterns for big trout!
Gray Drake Spinner - May - July Trout Evening Hatch Fishing
(Gray Drake Spinner - )
River perfect level-2450-cfs-
60 degree water temp.

Guided Trout Fishing On Michigan's Muskegon River!!
During the months of May and June, Fly Fishing Trout for resident Brown and Rainbows Trout is excellent. The Muskegon River is chock full of spawning White, Hognose, and Redhorse suckers. These spawning suckers produce vast amounts of roe that the trout gorge on. Hence "Sucker Spawn patterns" so favored by anglers in Lake Erie tributaries. Fishing floating lines and strike indicators behind spawning sucker redds produces big numbers of trout during the day. Indicator Nymphing for Muskegon River Trout.

Afternoon Brown trout trips have been out producing morning trips: much less angling pressure and more shade on the water. Stone flies have played and important role in the afternoon bite!

In the evenings of May and June, The Muskegon River is home to the famed Gray Drake Spinner fall and the Iysonchia Bicolor, two large varieties of may flies that tend to spinner fall just before dark. These large May flies attract the attention of trophy Browns on the dry fly. These trout may be selective at times, but are certainly well worth the wait. Michigan Fly Fishing Guides, wait the entire year for the six weeks of the Gray Drake spinner fall and incredible dry fly fishing!

Giant Brown Trout are available throughout the year on the Muskegon River.

Steelhead Fry, Rainbow Sucker eggs, Sculpins, and Crayfish play a huge role in the Muskegon River bio-mass. During bright sunny days, nymph fishing sucker spawn and fry patterns has been deadly!! During the Summer months, larger Trout key in on these over looked food sources!

Muskegon River Trout - There are lots of suckers spawning and encouraging
the bigger browns and rainbows to feed on nymphs behind sucker redds. Excellent numbers of Gray Drakes seen in the last couple of days, mostly during the afternoon period. Many of stocked Trout targeting dry fly Caddis with an occasional big fish on the surface. As water temperatures increase, larger Trout will come up. Sulpher emergence is soon to come. Streamer stripping with salmon fry patterns has been working well for larger Trout - We need warmer water to get the big boys to chase streamers.

Guided Winter Steelhead on Michigan's Muskegon River.
Why do Steelhead key in on Winter Stoneflies?

Great Lakes Steelhead are perhaps the most opportunistic member of the salmonid family. While Chinook and Coho salmon require large schools of baitfish like smelt and alewives to support their numbers, steelhead take a substantial amount of their forage from insect sources, supplementing with baitfish, crayfish, gobies, and whatever else strikes their fancy. This fact leads some experts to believe that steelhead "residentize" back to their stream-trout roots when they spend any length of time in a river environment. When February and March roll around, the winter stonefly hatches begin in the cold river environments in Michigan.
It has been my experience as a fly fishing guide that Stone flies begin to emerge and become active in late morning through the afternoon, usually when water tempratures are at there warmest. Steelhead also tend to key on them during the warmest part of day when they are the most abundant and moving.

The steelhead holding in river pools, waiting for spawning time to begin, may revert to feeding behavior that worked well during the early stages of life. When you're winter flyfishing and you notice tiny black specks( they look like carpenter ants) on the snow around you, study them closely. You'll find that these are adult Stoneflies, possibly ringing the dinner bell for whatever lurks in the depths of that hole in front of you. Fish accordingly, as your luck may have just turned.

~ Winter Tailwater fishery for Steelhead in West Michigan. ~
Unlike the Grand River, White River, and Pere Marquette Rivers, the Muskegon is a tailwater fishery, this means the Muskegon River never freezes! This allows us to guide anglers throughout the winter months for Steelhead and Trout. Float fishing during the Winter is a beautiful time to be on the water with good numbers of Steelhead and lots of wildlife along the rivers banks.
Now is the time to float fish Steelhead!

~ Winter Steelhead in Michigan Rivers ~

During the Winter Months, ( December, January, February, March) the Muskegon River is loaded with Fall & Winter Steelhead. Unlike the Grand and Pere Marquette Rivers, the Muskegon is a tailwater fishery, this means the Muskegon River never freezes. This allows us to guide anglers throughout the winter months for Steelhead and Trout. Fly fishing during the Winter is a beautiful time to be on the water with good numbers of Steelhead and lots of wildlife along the rivers banks.

Michigan fly fishing can be at it's best during the Winter. Few anglers fish this time of year, the Steelhead are eager to feed well with little angling pressure or guides on the water. Our guides love fly fishing during the Winter months. Michigan is blessed with many great rivers that may be fished year-around.

We offer guided fly fishing adventures year around for Michigan's Winter Steelhead on the Muskegon River, Pere Marquette, and Manistee. March, April, and May are also great times to chase Spring Steelhead. The stone fly emergence during March produces excellent fly fishing for Steelhead in March. We have guide dates available for Spring Steelhead on the Muskegon River, Pere Marquette River, St. Joseph, White River, and Dowagiac River.

Hot and Humid equals Gray Drakes and BIG Trout!
Gray Drakes, Drakes, and more Drakes!!
Streamer and wet fly fishing with sink tips for trout are producing decent numbers of nice fish, especially on overcast days. Big, bold streamers have produced some big brown trout for those who are willing to work. A wide variety of insects are currently emerging, Caddis, Sulphers, and Gray Drakes being primary in the evenings. Sulphur mayfly hatches/spinner falls are heavy with other common mayflies getting underway. Gray Drake spinner falls have been starting around 9pm and going well into the evenings with last light producing the most rises and best fish. ( 9pm-10pm )
Muskegon River Trout fishing has been excellent over the past few days!

Wow! What a change in weather! Warmer temperatures forecasted and the fishing has been very good! Muskegon River Trout and Streamer fishing has been great with the huge amounts on Sucker and Steelhead fry. Fry patterns have been the flavor of the month. Both Rainbows and Browns have been feeding heavily on fry. Trout have also keyed up on Caddis emergers and or fry depending on the weather.

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