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Fly Fishing Salmon guides for Tippy Dam | Tippy Dam Salmon Fishing
Accurate Salmon fishing reports for the Big Manistee River below Tippy dam for Salmon.
Manistee River Daily Fishing Reports for Salmon - Lower Manistee - Tippy Dam
Manistee River Daily Fishing Report

Manistee River Salmon Report: Salmon are just now entering the Big Manistee River near Insta-Launch and Manistee harbor. There are also fair numbers on the Little Manistee below the weir. We have recently hit a few nice pushes of salmon on the lower Manistee. A strong East wind or Northeast wind to turn over the Lake and get salmon moving in a hurry! Cold shoreline water would move salmon in close and heading into the river. Tippy Dam Salmon fishing Guides. Tippy Dam Salmon.
Pere Marquette River Salmon Report:
Lower PM has been showing a few fish and improving daily. Steve and Steve did quite well on Friday (8/27) going 4 for 6 on crankbaits. Scottville down has had fish moving through but have been difficult to stay with. Walhalla and braids between Reek Rd. and upper Custer should start seeing pushes in the next few days with fish moving into South Branch of the Pere Marquette. Manistee Salmon Fishing Report:
Tippy Dam Salmon Dates available for the Manistee River

We will begin Guided Salmon fishing adventures for the Big Manistee River begin August 20th through September 20th.
Casting Thundersticks on the Manistee and Pere Marquette Rivers.

We were one of the first guide services in Michigan to cast crankbaits for salmon on the lower Pere Marquette River over thirteen years ago. Without question, this is our most sought after trip of the year!
Trips begin August 20th through September 20th. We will also be fly fishing the Manistee River from September 20 through October 5t

Casting For Kings on the Big Manistee River

Early Season Kings enter the Manistee & Pere Marquette Rivers in mid August. Rivers like the Little Manistee receive early kings as early as late July. Fresh Kings absolutely crush crankbaits or streamers retrieved in front of them once they've entered the river mouths. These fish are hot and fight just like a huge fall steelhead!! Last season on the Manistee was such a success that we are offering both full days and half-day afternoon trips from 4pm to dark.
Fishing Report for the Manistee for Casting thundersticks for early Salmon.
John with a gorgeous Manistee River Chinook Salmon landed below Tippy Dam . Fly Fishing report for Salmon on the Manistee River.

Manistee River Steelhead - Floats & Spawn
Another preferred method for Winter Steelhead is fishing floats and spawn. Fishing floats and spawn is a fast-paced style of steelhead fishing. We fish quickly and cover miles of river in a day, usually producing lots of hook-ups and many steelhead landed.

We prefer to fish specialized G. Loomis 11' 3" float rods. Loomis rods are available for your use on guided trips. These longer rods allow the angler a longer drift and a stronger hook set. We also use Cabela Prodigy spinning reels or center-pins reels spooled with 10 lb hi-vis monofiliment line. These smooth reels allow for long casts and a smooth drag system to fight big fish.

Floats for steelhead vary greatly depending on water levels and conditions. We generally use the orange/black Thill steelhead floats. They seem to work best for the Muskegon and Big Manistee Rivers. Smaller floats styles are available for the White and Pere Marquette rivers. All gear is provided for you. We have the spawn tied, cured, and ready to fish!



Manistee River Salmon Guide
Thunderstick Crankbaits for Kings!
Chinook Salmon
We will begin guiding Salmon on the Pere Marquette and Manistee River around August 25th. King Salmon begin staging off the river mouths during mid- August preparing for the Fall spawning migrations.
Early in the season, we will be casting crankbaits for big chrome Kings. Later in the season, we will be fly fishing for Chinook and Coho Salmon. Many hook-ups and many fish landed are the norm for the Big Manistee River!

Casting Crankbaits for Chinook Salmon on the Pere Marquette and Big Manistee River. Salmon Season - Coming Soon!
We will begin guiding Salmon on the Pere Marquette and Manistee River around August 20th. King Salmon begin staging off the river mouths during mid- August preparing for the Fall spawning migrations.

Early in the season, we will be casting crankbaits for big chrome Kings. Later in the season, we will be fly fishing for Chinook and Coho Salmon. Many hook-ups and many fish landed are the norm for the Big Manistee River

Tips for Fly Fishing or (Float Fishing) Winter Steelhead.
Holding water : The slower, softer stretches where fish rest between faster reaches. Especially on the Muskegon and Manistee Rivers, the vast majority of water is simply a migratory corridor (ex. deer runway) - only a small portion of the remaining water is suited to fly fishing. Casting to every tailout, slot, and pool is an inefficient
approach to finding quality winter water.

Manistee River Brown Trout
Brown Trout spawn during the late fall months. November and December offers anglers a shot at trophy Lake-Run Brown Trout. West Michigan's Spawning Browns on the Muskegon River.
Michigan's Winter Steelhead
December also offers the finest in Fall Steelhead fishing. Both Fly Fishing and Float Fishing is excellent at this time!
Come fish Michigan's uncrowded West Side! The Muskegon River's
"Home of the Chrome!"

A selection a of Mojo Clown eggs. With it's many color schemes, the Clown egg works in a variety of conditions for both resident Trout and Fall Steelhead. Egg flies For Fall Steelhead
Clients often ask me...What are the best fly patterns for Fall Steelhead?
My answer: Eggs, Eggs, and eggs!
Steelhead crave Chinook Salmon roe (spawn) and it is without a doubt their food of choice during the fall months.


New World Record Brown Trout!! 41 Lb 7oz. Wow!!
Articles: Manistee River Record Brown also: World Record Brown Trout


Fall Steelhead - Floats & Spawn
Float fishing guides available for Muskegon River Steelhead.
One of the best techniques for Michigan Steelhead is center-pin float fishing with floats and spawn. This technique excels during cold weather periods and is also a stealthy approach to spawning steelhead.
Float Fishing Gear & Tackle

Muskegon River Trout Fishing
We are sincerely looking forward to the introduction of the "Bubbler System" above the Croton Dam- This should make for some outstanding Trout Fishing below the Dam in Croton. We could once again experience Caddis Super Hatches!

Wow! What a change in weather! Cooler temperatures forecasted and the fishing has been very good! Muskegon River Trout and Smallmouth Bass has been great with the huge amounts on Sucker and Steelhead fry. Fry patterns have been the flavor of the month. Both Trout and Smallmouth have been feeding heavily on fry. Trout have also keyed up on Caddis emergers and or fry depending on the weather.
Cinnamon Caddis Emerger During the day- Cinnamon Caddis and Caddis emergers have been fishing well on a floating line either skittered of swung. Most of the suckers have finished spawning but there are a few scattered pockets. Swinging small streamers has also been productive, better on overcast days.
June and July are the the time for Dry fly fishing with the Isonychia Bicolor. (A similar look as the Gray Drake but with a much more husky looking body, with a burgundy or purple hue, Iso's do not spinner fall in larger numbers but draw larger rising Trout if they are around, usually in late evening. It can be the Muskegon's most overlooked hatch, typically found in the middle to lower sections of the river.)
Caddis are the primary hatch in the upper sections. ( Pine to Croton Dam)
Isonychia Bicolor (Mahogany Dun) - July Trout Fishing
(White Gloved Howdies-Mahogany Dun)
River perfect level-2450-cfs-
63 degree water temp.

There is nothing better than casting a dry fly line to a rising 20" Brown Trout. Over the holiday weekend, we've been rewarded with 7 Trout approaching the 20" mark and this is just the very beginning of great fly fishing for Trout.
July offers the some of the finest dry fly fishing in the Midwest!

We have dates open for both full days and the ever popular evening hatch trips- These trips start around 5pm - 10pm. This is possibly the best chance to get into a trophy Muskegon River Brown Trout.


Muskegon River Trout Fishing
" Hatch fishing at it's finest!! "

Hatch fishing for Trout during May, June, July and August.

Muskegon River Trout - There are lots of suckers spawning and encouraging
the bigger browns and rainbows to feed on nymphs behind sucker redds. Excellent numbers of cinnamon caddis seen in the last couple of days, mostly during the afternoon period. Many of stocked Trout targeting dry fly Caddis with an occasional big fish on the surface. As water temperatures increase, larger Trout will come up. Sulpher emergence is soon to come. Streamer stripping with salmon fry patterns has been working well for larger Trout - We need warmer water to get the big boys to chase streamers.

Steelhead Fry , Rainbow Sucker eggs, and Crayfish play a huge role in the Muskegon River bio-mass. During bright sunny days, nymph fishing sucker spawn and fry patterns has been deadly!! During the Summer months, larger Trout key in big time on these over looked food sources!
Nymphing behind spawning suckers has been the best way to go for larger Trout. Sucker spawn patterns, Pheasant Tails nymphs, small scuds in gray and olive also working well.

Gray Drakes and Isonychia Bicolor are the upcoming attraction with late May and early June being prime-time! The Gray Drake offers some of the best dry fly fishing of the year for larger Trout!
Just a quick note: We are now offering evening/afternoon hatch trips for Muskegon River Trout and evening mayfly hatches. Both Gray Drakes and Isonychia offer excellent hatches on the Muskegon River during June, July, and August.

Muskegon River Hatch Chart ~ Summer Trout

Hot Patterns: Gray Drake Spinners, Spent wing drakes, Gray Drake soft-hackles, Sulpher emergers, Sulpher duns. Sucker spawn and smaller pheasant tail
nymphs also producing good numbers of trout through out the day.
Streamer Patterns: Bi-polar parr, small minnow patterns, Mallard spider, Steelhead & Salmon fry patterns, Zoo Caugar (yellow or ginger)

Hatch Info: Lots of bugs!! Prolific hatches at this time of year! Sulphers, Caddis, Gray Drakes, and Isonychia Bicolor. If you are a fly fisherman, this is the time to fish! Hatches and spinner falls have been very good on warm evenings. Lots of dry fly activity just before dark, producing some of the biggest trout of the year during the spinners falls. Sulphers are producing many rising fish in the mid-sized range. Iso's and Drakes are producing the big boys!

There are also some Hexes available below Hardy Dam and below Roger's Dam providing some big browns and some nice smallmouth on dries!!
Medium water levels and massive abundance of salmon fry also have larger trout on the feed with streamers during the day.
Summer Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Smallmouth Bass: Smallies with be available in good numbers during June, July, and August. We have several locations with private water with larger than average Smallmouth. These Fish are great fun and fight like crazy. Smallmouth also take a fly well. We offer both light tackle spinning with soft plastics, and fly tackle.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing: is going very well in this great summer weather. Good numbers of smallies are feeding heavily on crayfish and small baitfish minnows. The higher water level is making for some great smallmouth fishing as well. The best fishing with streamers for smallies is usually once the sun gets over the trees throughout the mid-day into the evenings. Afternoons have been the best Fishing for both trout and smallmouth.
(Late June, July, August)

July-August: Smallmouth Bass fishing has been fantastic! The hot and humid weather has the smallies fired up, feeding heavily on crayfish and streamer patterns. Smallie fishing has been the best in the midsections of the Muskegon River, floating Pine to Thornapple has been very productive.

Sink-tip fly lines and brightly colored streamers are fishing well. Casting crayfish flies patterns near the banks or any logs and structure has also been producing many nice smallies. Clouser minnows, Smallmouth candy, and Circus Peanuts have produced the most fish for me.

Four Seasons of Michigan Steelhead
Muskegon River Fall Steelhead
(Late October- November) Fall Steelhead:
The crown jewel of Great Lakes Steelhead- Fall Chrome is the most sought after and Jump like no other!

We will be offering floats and spawn, backbouncing, and fly fishing trips for Fall Steelhead on the lower Muskegon River. These fish are chrome and we average well over a fish per hour!

Float Fishing Gear & Tackle
John has some of the best Center-pin gear and float fishing gear!!
Winter Steelhead:
During the Winter Months,
the Muskegon River is loaded Winter Steelhead. Unlike the Grand, Manistee, and Pere Marquette Rivers, the Muskegon is a tailwater fishery, this means the Muskegon River never freeze allowing us to guide anglers throughout the winter months for Steelhead and Trout.

Fly fishing during the Winter is a beautiful time to be on the water with good numbers of Steelhead and lots of wildlife along the rivers banks.

Muskegon Winter Steelhead
(December, January, February)

Michigan Spring Steelhead
(March, April, May)

Spring Steelhead:
In late February, Steelhead move up river and begin their migration to their spawning areas. Steelhead feed heavily on stone flies, caddis larvae, and Chinook fry. During March, April and May, Steelhead begin to polish gravel and begin to spawn.

During this time, Fly Fishing Steelhead is at it's absolute best!! Anglers can visually seek steelhead and make casts to the spawning Spring Steelhead. Sight fishing to Steelhead on gravel and watching them take the fly makes this an exhilarating experience!!

Skamania Steelhead:
We are offering Summer Run (Skamania) Steelhead on both the Big Manistee River and the St. Joseph River. If you've never tried Skamania Steelhead, these fish are amazing and jump like crazy!!
(July, August) Skamania Steelhead available on the Big Manistee & St. Joseph Rivers in July and August!
Michigan's Big Manistee & St. Joseph
Summer-Run Skamania Steelhead
Jet Boats for the Muskegon River!

Our Jet Boats are top notch! HeadWater boats get you where the Steelhead are! Quality Custom Jet Boats for the Muskegon River!!

Our boats are top -notch! Fish in comfort 18' jetboat - 140 Suzuki
Custom Jet boats get you on Steelhead - and keep you on fish!
Click here to contact us

LSSU Fish Cam - St. Mary's River
Atlantic Salmon on the St. Mary's River.
Michigan Current River Flow Rates
Pere Marquette Rivers Streamflow

Muskegon River Streamflow
White River Streamflow

Stone flies are now emerging along the frozen shoreline - This is great news for Steelhead and Trout fishing. Stone flies will be the primary food source for Trout and Steelhead for the next several months. Look for changes in fly patterns for Steelhead - going from egg patterns to Stone flies- Fish should begin to key in on small dark nymphs drifted along the bottom.

Water conditions: 33 degrees- Water levels are perfect with a slight stain- Upper Muskegon River is ice free. Visibility is Vis: 6- 8ft.
Water temp: 33 degrees. Level: med - Clear with slight stain
Steelhead fishing is excellent at this time!

Recommended Fly Tackle for Muskegon River Fall & Spring Steelhead.

Comments: Due to huge client request I am posting a list of Spring Steelhead Fishing equipment.
Rods: As per Steelhead fishing in November and December , I recommend a 9'6" 8wt fly rod or a 10' 8wt fly rod, as for reels, I recommend Orvis Barstock IV or a Ross big game #4. These reels have an excellent drag and very fast line pick up. Spool them with a running line, ex, Poly Fuse, 25lb Amnesia or Neon Tangerine Suffix.
As for flies, I recommend a large selection of small egg flies in natural colors such as golden, steelhead orange, oregon cheese, peach, and cream. Tie them in size #8, and 10's tied on a Tiemco 105, Black stoneflies in 8's and 10's, small hex nymphs, and green caddis.

For weight on chuck-n-duck I use a free sliding snap swivel clipped to pencil lead, a clear bead, and a barrel (crane) swivel with one end to butt (12lb) and one end to tippet. For optimal drift, I recommend a 5 foot leader (8 or 10lb) from lead to end fly, with and egg fly in the middle and a dark nymph on the end. Also note: For guide trips, you will need waders and polarized sunglasses. All gear, tackle, flies (nominal cost) and a grilled, shore lunch will be provided with all guided trips!
Fly Fishing Knots- Steelhead

Steehead Egg Patterns: Glo-bug egg flies in sizes #8 and #10's, natural colors such as Golden, steelhead orange, peach, Oregon cheese, baby blue, soft yellow. Hex Nymphs, nuke eggs, dark center, light halo Nymphs: Stone flies, hex nymphs, soft hackles, green caddis rock worm. I always carry a large selection of egg flies at any given time for Steelhead and resident trout.

We now also offer guided floats & spawn fishing trips with either center-pin or spinning gear for Winter Steelhead on the Muskegon River. Come join us.. These trips are available during December and are a fun and exciting way to catch numbers of Muskegon River Steelhead!

Purchase Mojo Fly Steelhead Assortments for Great Lakes Steelhead.
Steelhead Fly assortments make excellent gifts and are available in many assortments for steelhead and/or Trout...


Pere Marquette River Report
(Accurate Fly Fishing information for the Pere Marquette River)

Pere Marquette Salmon fishing on the Pere Marquette river has been very good over the last week! Good numbers of Steelhead entered the lower Pere Marquette River during the past week. They should continue to filter through well into October.

Unlike the "Flies Only" Section of the Pere Marquette River, the lower PM is much more secluded and offers anglers a quiet, relaxing experience and is not nearly as crowed as the upper sections of the Pere Marquette River.

Guided drift boat trips on the Pere Marquette River are available for Salmon during October. Trout and Steelhead fly fishing also available during late September and October. Fall Steelhead may also be found in the Lower Pere Marquette River. Numbers of Fall and Winter Steelhead are not nearly as prolific as on the Muskegon River, however, landing a chrome Steelhead in the narrow, log filled Pere Marquette is always a challenge!

Over the next few weeks, our focus will be on both Steelhead and Trout. The Muskegon and Pere Marquette both offer great streamers and dry fly fishing. Sucker spawn activity (Nymphing behind spawning Redhorse Suckers) should also offer great trout fishing opportunities over the next few weeks. We are also offering Summer Steelhead (Skamania) trips on the St. Joseph & Manistee River after the summer solstice ( June 21st) These fish are prime from late June to mid August.

Guided Trout Fishing On Michigan's Muskegon River!! During the months of May and June, Fly Fishing for resident Brown and Rainbows Trout is excellent. The Muskegon River is chock full of spawning White, Hognose, and Redhorse suckers. These spawning suckers produce vast amounts of roe that the trout gorge on. Hence "Sucker Spawn patterns" so favored by anglers in Lake Erie tributaries. Fishing floating lines and strike indicators behind spawning sucker redds produces big numbers of trout during the day. Indicator Nymphing for Muskegon River Trout.
Afternoon trout trips have been out producing morning trips: much less angling pressure and more shade on the water. Stone flies have played and important role in the afternoon bite!

In the evenings of May and June, The Muskegon River is home to the famed Gray Drake Spinner fall and the Iysonchia Bicolor, two large varieties of may flies that tend to spinner fall just before dark. These flies attract the attention of trophy brown on the dry fly. These trout may be selective at times, but are certainly well worth the wait. The guides at Betts Guide Service, wait the entire year for the six weeks of spinner falls and incredible dry fly fishing!

MoJo Fly Sales

Get your Great Lakes Steelhead and Salmon flies here!
Top guide patterns!

Super Stone is a great stone fly imitation that also does very well in higher water levels. I tie this pattern primarily on size 8 or 10 Tiemco 3769 for Steelhead and Trout. It's a great looking bug with movement and a true nymph profile. Fishes best drifted as chuck & duck. Egg flies and other stone fly patterns are also fishing well at this time!

Michigan : Muskegon River Fall Steelhead

Muskegon River - The Muskegon River, as always, is far behind, because of the warm water reservoirs. The Muskegon should peak for Steelhead during later November. Over the past few days, rain and cooler weather has dramatically improved the Steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River. There seems to be good numbers of steelhead starting to show near the Thornapple launch and high rollaways. Deeper holes and runs have been producing the best fishing action. With forecasted rain, fishing should continue to improve. The middle to last week of November and December should offer some great Fall Steelhead fishing, I would also expect to see a handful of large, Lake-Run Brown Trout.


Book a Winter Steelhead trip on the lower Muskegon River or Big Manistee River!!
We have multiple jet boats & other fishing guides with dates available for early season Spring Steelhead !! Let us plan a Spring fly fishing adventure for you!

Fly Fish Steelhead on the Muskegon River.
West Michigan offers trophy wild Fall Steelhead!

During typical years, Prime-Time steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River is from October 20th through late December. January and February also fishes well. The Muskegon has an earlier run of fall steelies due to cooler water temps as a tail-water fishery.

Muskegon and Pere Marquette River fall & Winter Steelhead trips will be available during December, January, and February.

Chicago Fly Fishing - Guided fly fishing for Michigan Steelhead!

Great Lakes Fall Steelhead are some of the most sought after fish of the year! The bone jarring hits and incredible power... these chrome fish are amazing!

We have guided trips available for fly fishing for Steelhead. Guide trips with sink-tips or chuck & duck are available. We also specialize in fishing with floats and spawn during the winter months. Not only do these fish bite.. They about rip the rod out of your hand!

Click here to contact us for more information about guided fishing.


Muskegon River Steelhead

Vinnie with a beautiful Michigan fall Steelhead.
Guided Trips - Muskegon River Winter Steelhead.
Click here to contact us for more information about guided fishing.

Michigan Current River Flow Rates

Pere Marquette Rivers Streamflow

Muskegon River Streamflow
White River Streamflow

Local Maps and Directions to places we fish:

Muskegon River Map - Directions
Pere Marquette River - Directions
White River Map - Directions
Manistee River - Directions
Grand Rapids - Directions
Ludington - Directions
Order Michigan Fishing licenses on-line:

Lake Run Brown Trout taken on the Muskegon River.

Michigan's Muskegon River - Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing
Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters - Chicago, Ill 1279 N. Clybourn, Chicago, IL. 60610
Grand Rapids Fly Fishing Company - 49505 - Grand Rapids, MI
Chicago Fly Fishing Steelhead Muskegon River- Chicago, Ill.
West Michigan's Spring Steelhead ~ Muskegon River Fishing~


Year-Around Trout Fishing ~ Hatches ~ Muskegon River Trout Guide ~ Michigan Hatch Trips~ Guided FlyFishing ~


Clown Eggs - Hot for Steelhead!
Hot Clown Eggs : 1. Chartreuse, Cherise, Steelhead Orange, White
2. Baby Pink, Cherise, White 3. Steelhead Orange, Golden Nugget, White
4. Charteuse, Niagra Gold, White. These egg flies work very well drifted as a fly
or drifted under a float with spawn, they add color to your presentation!

Hot Steelhead Flies: Nuke eggs- (Egg-Golden) (Peach- Golden)
(Grapefruit) Glo-bugs: Peach, Golden, Early Girl Cream, Orange Dot.

NYMPHS: Salmon fry patterns, Brown Fuzz Buster, Green Lace Caddis,
Black Magnum PT nymph, - MoJo

Fly Patterns for Fall & Winter Steelhead.

Steelhead Egg Flies: Natural tones of egg flies, Oregon cheese, peach, cream, Hex nymphs, green caddis, sparkle stone flies.

Salmon: Any two fly rig, such as an egg (middle fly) and a nymph dropper fly seems to be working well. Dark nymphs such stone flies, green butt skunk, large pheasant tails, or hares ear nymphs. Tan or olive colored PM wigglers also work.

Trout: Small egg flies, little green caddis rock worms, midge larvae, pheasant tail nymphs, Beatis nymphs,

River Conditions: The river level is 1700 - normal on the graph.You can also call 652-5009 to get new levels, 6.5 is normal for phone number. Water temp is 35-38 degrees For on-line flows, click here.

(231) 519-7348

We are Michigan's premiere Outfitter for the Gray Drake hatch on the Muskegon River. This Flyfishing Guide Service with get you into lots of Michigan Salmon, Trout, and Great lakes Steelhead. We are now USCG certified to guide Atlantic Salmon St. Mary's River. Skamania Steelhead on the Manistee and St. Joe. Muskegon River Fly Fishing Guide Service.

Grand Rapids Fly Fishing Company - 49505 - Grand River Dr. Chicago fly fishing guide service for the Muskegon River Steelhead. Chicago Fishing salmon on the Western Michigan Rivers. Chicago Anglers- Pere Marquette Rivers guide. Chicago Guide fishing trout Michigan Fly Fishing. Chicago outfitters fly fishing. Chicago Orvis Shop, Ontario St. Chicago, Ill. Grand Rapids Fly Fishing Company - 49505 - Grand Rapids, MI Chicago Fly Fishing Steelhead Muskegon River- Chicago, Ill. Ann Abor, Mi 48103

Chicago fly fishing guide service for the Muskegon River Steelhead. Chicago Fishing salmon on the Western Michigan Rivers. Chicago Anglers- Pere Marquette Rivers guide. Chicago Guide fishing trout Michigan Fly Fishing. Chicago outfitters fly fishing. Chicago Orvis Shop, Ontario St. Chicago, Ill. Grand Rapids Fly Fishing Company - 49505 - Grand Rapids, MI Chicago Fly Fishing Steelhead Muskegon River- Chicago, Ill. Ann Abor, Mi 48103

Guided Fly Fishing Trips for Michigan's Winter and Spring Great Lakes Steelhead on the Muskegon River, Pere Marquette river, and White River. Gray Drakes are the best dry fly on the Muskegon River. Gray Drake spinners, Gray Drake dun, and Gray Drake nymphs fish best in May for Muskegon River trout. Gray drake inn May are the best fly for Muskegon river trout fishing. Pere Marquette River lodging is difficult to find in Baldwin, Mi . We are outfitters for Gray Drake hatches on the Muskegon River. We have Pere Marquette river guides available for steelhead, salmon, and trout. Muskegon River fishing reports are updated daily for the Muskegon River and Pere Marquette Rivers. The Muskegon River Steelhead fly fishing is the best in the Midwest and great lakes region.

Pere Marquette River guide service available for salmon, trout, and steelhead in Baldwin, MI and Newaygo, Michigan for the Muskegon rivers. We love the Pere Marquette River and Muskegon River fly fishing for Steelhead. Muskegon River steelhead is best in November. Gray drake fishing is the best in May for Muskegon river trout.

Welcome to Western Michigan's Premiere guide service for Salmon, Trout, Steelhead, and Smallmouth Bass on the Muskegon River. We guide Michigan's Muskegon River, Pere Marquette River, and Manistee River for Steelhead, including Skamania. We are Michigan's Outfitter for the Gray Drake hatch on the Muskegon River. This Flyfishing Guide Service will get you into lots of Michigan Salmon, Trout, and Great lakes Steelhead. We are now USCG certified to guide on the St. Mary's for Atlantic Salmon. Guide Atlantic Salmon on the St. Mary's River. University of Michigan- Fisheries Biology- Steelhead entomology.

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