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Light Tackle and Fly Fishing on the Pere Marquette River for Salmon and Steelhead.
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Gary displays a gorgeous Pere Marquette River Salmon caught while casting Thundersticks near Custer, on the lower PM River Salmon Fishing Guides. Salmon fishing the Pere Marquette River.
Fall Chinook Salmon & Steelhead 2011

The Pere Marquette River in Northern Michigan offers the best in Salmon fishing! Casting Thundersticks or float fishing with skein offers big number days for Chinook Salmon. Nearly 40 thousand Chinook salmon ascend the Pere Marquette River during August and September. Join us for fantastic Thunderstick fishing on the Pere Marquette and Manistee River during September.

Pere Marquette Thunderstick Guides: I just wanted to send out a reminder to everyone about this year’s Salmon safari.
We are planning on starting SALMON trips on or around August 15th on the lower Pere Marquette River. In the past four years we have had excellent days in the lower river with relatively little angling pressure from other Chinook Salmon guides. This year, we are planning to guide for salmon from August 15th through late October.

After November 1st we will be guiding the lower Muskegon for Chrome bullet STEELHEAD. Steelhead dates are from October 25th until sometime after Christmas. These are by far the most powerful and vigorous steelhead of the year!! Due to the large amounts of rain and exciting fishing reports from the big lake Captains, we are in-store for one heck of a great salmon and steelhead season. It looks like the water levels and river conditions will be in great shape for this fall season.

We have Salmon dates available from August 20th through October 25th and
Steelhead dates from November 1st to late December. Spring Steelhead dates start in February of 2012.

Pere Marquette River Brown Trout are also available while fishing Thundersticks for Salmon.   Guided Salmon fishing on the Pere Marquette River.

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report: The Pere Marquette river has been fishing very well for Steelhead averaging over one fish per hour on floats and Spawn. Upper to Walhalla has been fishing the best. Indian Bridge to Custer has also been fishing well. Spring Steelhead fishing on the lower Pere Marquette River is soon to come. Stone flies on the PM are just starting which should make for some excellent Steelhead fishing in March and April. Center Pin fishing is also available.

Manistee River Salmon Report: Salmon are just now entering the Big Manistee River near Insta-Launch and Manistee harbor. There are also fair numbers on the Little Manistee below the weir. We have recently hit a few nice pushes of salmon on the lower Manistee. A strong East wind or Northeast wind to turn over the Lake and get salmon moving in a hurry! Cold shoreline water would move salmon in close and heading into the river.

Mojo Flies - Great Lakes Steelhead flies for Steelhead . Chromer with a glo-bug.

Brown Trout spawn during the winter months.
Spring Steelhead fishing on the lower Pere Marquette River has been improving daily. The lower sections near Custer and Scottville have been producing fair numbers of Steelhead on Floats and Spawn. Back Bouncing with fresh Steelhead skein has also been very productive producing well over a fish per hour. Upper to Walhalla has also been fishing well. Centerpin float fishing with small spawn sacks has been producing a good number of Steelhead. Jigs and Waxworms have also been working well.
Although crowded, the "Flies Only" section is beginning to show signs of Steelhead on gravel. Floating lines with strike indicators have been working best. Egg imitations, Clown Eggs, and natural glo bugs are working well. Now is also the time for the late winter stone fly. Stone flies have begun to emerge along the shore lines. Steelhead have started to key on the little black stones. Pheasant tail nymphs in chocolate and black have been working well. Estaz Stones are also producing a fair amount of fish.
Jeff with a Great Lakes Fall Steelhead on a clown egg.
Species in the Pere Marquette River vary in the different sections of river. The "Flies Only" section is loaded with resident Brown Trout ranging from 8" to 12". The mid section from Gleason's to Walhalla has a good mix of bigger Trout, Steelhead, and Salmon fly fishing. The lower section, Walhalla to Scottville has the famed "Hex Hatch" and is home to early Chinook "Kings" in late August. The number of Chinook salmon the Pere Marquette river receives in late August and September is truly amazing, with salmon reaching 30 pounds!!

Hatches: on the Pere Marquette River are prolific and offer some great trout fishing in May, June, July and August. The most noted are the Sulfurs, Hexigenia, Gray Drake, and several types of Caddis. It is also one of the best "Hopper and Dropper" rivers in July and August, where large Trout smash terrestrials against the bank. The PM also offers some great streamer fishing.

We have Pere Marquette River guides available for Steelhead on the "Flies Only" section. Upper to Walhalla has also been fishing well for Steelhead!

As water temperature begin to warm, Steelhead fishing should greatly improve of the the next few weeks. We look forward to fishing with you on the Pere Marquette River.
Pere Marquette River fishing Report

Pere Marquette River River Reports for Steelhead.

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